Sunspray 11N/11E - Agricultural Oil.

  • Description:

    Sunspray 11N/11E are highly refined paraffinic mineral oils for use in agricultural and horticultural applications.

  • Application:

    As dormant and deep dormant oil to assure ample resistance to weathering.
    As adjuvant or supplemental carrier for herbicides.
    In triazine-oil-water emulsions.
    Sunspray 11E contains an emulsifier and forms a quick-breaking emulsion in water. Sunspray 11N is a straight mineral oil for formulators who prefer their own emulsifier.

  • Properties:

    - Sunspray oils are low phytotoxic due to their unsulfonated residue of 92% minimum.
    - Sunspray 11E/11N have a slightly higher midpoint and slightly broader distillation range which makes them more effective during deep dormancy.
    - Sunspray 11E/11N increases the effectiveness of herbicides.

  • Typical analysis :

    density / 15 °C 0.862 40°C 20.2 cSt 100°C 4.1 cSt
    viscosity index 100
    pour point -15°C
    unsulfonated residue 92(typ. 94) %min.
    molecular weight 375
    colour L 0.5

    destillation range at 10% (10 mm Hg) 212°C
    destillation range at 50% (10 mm Hg) 242°C
    destillation range at 90% (10 mm Hg) 270°C
    destillation range at 10-90% (10 mm Hg) 58°C

    emulgator for 11N 0.00%
    emulgator for 11EL 0.55%
    emulgator for 11E 1.10%
    emulgator for 11E3 3.50%

Technical Department
Sun Oil Company, 04 june 2001.